PRODUCTION AND WHOLESALE WOMEN'S CLOTHING

The company since 1965, family-run

It is synonymous with quality.

Our headquarters in Varese has a space of 4000 square meters.

It operates its business with its own brand women's clothing producing in particular trousers and skirts, complemented by sweaters, dresses and overcoats with the search for Moda fabrics patterned or solid color.

The product is geared to address women "classic" and "modern" with a wide range of sizes; for this is pants skirts "according to the model" they are built with total or partial l`inserimento dell`elastico in life to provide greater comfort to the wearer.

"Look srl" is able to satisfy all the requests of the specialized traders, whether they are oriented to the planned purchases with orders of samples that the private label production.

The serious and professional staff is able to meet the needs of each customer and thanks to external representatives offer services throughout the national and European territory.


                                                                        "Made in Italy"